Antidisciplinaire: Residency – 09 to 14.05

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Antidisciplinaire is the title of Vidya’s residency at Fonderie Kugler, Geneva.


6:30 PM – Round table with Marc Garcia Vitoria and the invited artists
8 pm – Concert


Hadas Pe’ery & Netta Weiser

Life Herself, for dance and live electronics

Mauricio Kagel – Pas de cinq – Wandelszene (1965)

for five performers, installation by Valentina Pini & Estelle Balet

Adam Maor & Valentina Pini

Out of the Blue, for electronics and installation (premiere)

Nicolas Buzzi & Martina Buzzi

Performing Circles : the Presence of an Erratic Residency, for recitant, percussion, synthesizer and electronics (premiere)

Oriol Saladrigues & Beatriz Sánchez

The Crowd, for solo horn, ensemble, live electronics and video (premiere)

logo-vidya-mono-rA work of art is often composed by different superimposed layers. Between these are the subjective aspects and the objective properties that characterize it’s form. One possible description of a work is time, be it through rhythm, temporal space, or frequency.

For his/her first project, Vidya will create transversal works connected by common materials. The aim is not to propose a subjective source, as in the case of a painting’s expression providing inspiration, but rather to define objective properties which subsequently become the common material of the interdisciplinary work. Examples could be physical proportions, colors, textures, volumes, perspectives, or a commonly defined vocabulary.

The artistic residency at Fonderie Kugler brings together the ensemble’s musicians and a group of international artists invited by Vidya to collaborate intensively on pieces ranging from installation to performance to larger-scale mixed works, to be premiered on the 14th of May.